Interesting Letter from a spanish woman writting a letter to Mons. Poli concerning the recent events in the Catedral af Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Most Reverend Mario Aurelio Poli.

Your Excellency, I am writing to you shocked by what happened in the Metropolitan Cathedral on 12 November. First I want to introduce myself, my name is Maria Luz Mozo Weisz, as you can see on my last name, my mother’s family was Jewish, and died in Auswitch.

I am Spanish, born in Madrid in 1975. My father is Spanish and I live in Spain, but so far down here have reached the sad news of what happened in Buenos Aires, television, social media have echoed the news and every day I wake up with a sad headline that references it , and honestly I do not understand it as a Catholic, as a relative of victims of the Shoah either.

Let me explain: my family was originally from Kosice a city that now belongs to Slovakia and that at the time of the Second World War belonged to Hungary, as you know Kosice Jews the vast majority were deported and massacred in Auswitch. I feel happy and proud of my ancestry, it led in my veins one drop of the Blood of Me Redeemer, for this and for the pain the sad fate led me to my mother’s family, travel to Poland and Slovakia to follow the trace of us. See Auswitch is something I recommend to everyone, for truly the Holocaust is something that mankind should never forget.

But I was raised a Catholic conciliar, which is what I have to live, you who is older and has more background and experience, and age, you also got to meet pre-conciliar Catholicism, so you have the luck of having a perspective vision. I have it only in retrospect, and even the scientific method always prefer a prospective method to retrospective than nothing.
You may wonder why I tell you all this, but believe me it makes sense. And I do not understand that they are doing why they are doing it and what the real purpose of all this.

What sense does recall a circumstance as painful as the night of broken glass every year? What sense does it have done it in Buenos Aires? What sense does it have to do it at a Catholic Cathedral? Why so much effort each year to celebrate that misfortune into a Catholic Cathedral when part of the congregation “Catholic” who is offended, and let me tell WITH REASON?

As a descendant of Judaism I do not understand it, I do not understand either the commitment of Jews commemorate this event every year in a Catholic Cathedral. As a Catholic I do not understand, the efforts of the prelates in performing acts that have nothing to do with worship in a cathedral, and although it was a hermitage I do not understand it either. You are Archbishop and know of theology, canon law, Catholic tradition, waaaaay more than me.

The first thing I should say is that one of the organizations responsible for the interreligious meeting that took place in the Cathedral, is the B’nai Brith of Argentina, a Jewish-Masonic organization born in New York in 1843.

Wikipedia says literally:
The B’nai B’rith (בני ברית) (Literally: Sons of the Covenant) is a Jewish organization with a system of subsidiaries, founded in New York by Henry Jones and 11 others on October 13, 1843. It is organized on the model of the Masonic lodges.

As you can see is not me who says it is wikipedia who says that.
Freemasonry has been condemned by the Church on many occasions by papal pronouncements:
Clement XII, Apostolic Letter: In Eminenti, April 24, 1738.
Benedict XIV, Apostolic Constitution: Providas, May 18, 1751.
Pius VII, Constitution: Ecclesiam a Jesu Christo, September 13, 1821.
Leo XII, Constitution: Quo Graviora, March 13, 1825.
Pius VIII, Encyclical Letter: Traditi Humilitati, May 24, 1829.
Gregory XVI, Encyclical: Mirari Vos, August 15, 1832.
Pius IX, Encyclical Letter: Qui Pluribus, November 9, 1846;
Address: Quibus Quantisque, April 20, 1849;
Encyclical Letter: Nostis et Nobiscum, December 8, 1849;
Encyclical Letter: How much Cura, December 8, 1864;
Address: Inter Multiplices, September 25, 1865;
Constitution: Apostolicae Sedis, October 12, 1869;
Letter: Quamquam, May 29, 1873;
Letter: Exortae, April 29, 1876.
Leo XIII, Encyclical Letter: Genus humanum, April 20, 1884;
Encyclical Letter: dall’alto dell ‘Seggio Apostolico, October 15 de1890;
Encyclical Letter: INIMICA Vos, December 8, 1892.
Encyclical Letter: Custodi di Quella Fede, December 8, 1892.
St. Pius X refers to Freemasonry in Encyclicals Letters: Vehementer We, February 11, 1906 and Encore Une Foi, January 6 de1907.

Occasionally denounce Freemasonry, the popes:
Pius XI, Encyclical Letter: Non Abbiamo Bisogno, June 29, 1931. Pius XII, Letter to Monsignor Montini, May 29, 1958. Also the Roman Synod of 1960, under John XXIII, recalls the condemnation of Freemasonry.

Would you please to explain me what does a Archbishop of the Catholic Church, with Jewish Masons in a cathedral? Within Judaism there are currents, if they want, to show repudiation of violence and Nazism. Why does the Catholic Church by the hand of Freemasonry apparently do the same?
And still it is not an act of worship to God, why do it inside a cathedral?

The Code of Canon Law of 1917 states the same condemnation of Freemasonry in canons 684, 1349 and 2335. The participation of groups opposed to faith or thoughts on the Church promulgated or destruction within the Church presumes desecration, and in accordance with current CDC, the 1376 canon states that, this event deserves punishment just penalty.

Consequently, the act by Catholics pray the Rosary at the Cathedral in remembrance of the night of the broken glass far from being considered a violent act or an interference rather it was act of atonement to this reality that I show here. Such an act (the commemoration) could have been done elsewhere and not in a Catholic temple.

The Code of Canon Law in force suggests that is prohibitive to use a holy place for purposes contrary to the holiness of the place, canon 1210. Although as the canon 1213 states that the Ecclesiastical Authority freely exercises its powers and functions in sacred places, it is equally true that this freedom cannot be in opposition or prejudice to the provisions of the aforementioned canon and what Church has promulgated with the papal authority, such as Freemasonry sentences such as I demonstrate.

Canon 1371 says it should be punished just who teaches a doctrine condemned by the Roman Pontiff, or by an Ecumenical Council, or obstinately rejects the teachings mentioned in canon 752, (It has to provide a religious submission of intellect and will , without allowing it to be of faith, the doctrine which the Supreme Pontiff or the College of Bishops, exercising their authentic magisterial, teach about faith and morals, but do not intend to proclaim it with a decisive act, therefore, the faithful care to avoid everything that is not consistent with it.) and, when warned by the Apostolic See or by the Ordinary, does not retract.

Which would desecration if who fails one of these canons, does not agree to our way of faith with respect and consistency. By which I mean that would be desecration and that those who participated in this activity at the Cathedral of Buenos Aires did not settle in our faith, but on the contrary, that in the case of the B’nai B’rith is said to belong to the Freemasonry, so applied as I said the canon 1376 which reads: “Whoever desecrates a sacred thing, real or personal, to be punished with a just penalty.” I could go on quoting, but would be going into redundancy.

Why a Catholic Archbishop and the Pope now strives year after year to consent to such acts at a Catholic cathedral? Why a Catholic Pastor allows the insult and defamation of his flock? Why he is not father to their children and it is all courtesy to strangers? Why allow that insult and harass, to Catholic children who defended his Cathedral and His Faith? Why Catholics around the world, we have to look so sad spectacle and the appointment of our brothers as Catholic fundamentalists?

His Excellency person, well known within Catholicism there are different charismas and Lefebvrist are one more. Do not we should thank so much spiritual wealth that the Lord gives us, instead of wanting to eliminate them as has skipped in some way? Really traditionalists bother?

Look honestly I confess that I have not attended for me unfortunately to any Tridentine Mass, because as I said, I grew up in conciliarism, but you do. Is that bad? Is it wrong to worship God as the Church has done for almost 2000 years?

Or maybe someone made a mistake in the sixties? As I said I have not looked prospectively, but retrospective. Do you sincerely believe that we gain from the change? Have not cooled our faith and our love? Do not have to do with the desecration of the sacraments and our acts of piety that become increasingly icy?

And now I ask:
Do you think honestly that complies with the work that God entrusted to you as prelate, with neatness and charity deserves your commission?
Call provocateurs to the Catholics who went to redress the wrong, and have called them Nazis. I honestly do not know who the provocateur is. And if they are Nazis, I, who have a proud Jewish blood in my veins, I am too?

Look, your Excellency, Catholics constantly suffer desecration in our temples, or they throw a stink bomb us as recently in Paris, or they put us a real one massacring our brothers in, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria, China …and a long, sad etc … Do you think we need to also feel abandoned and violated by our own?

Do you think a Jew or a Muslim lend their temples to these events?
Because if not you have a serious identity crisis and does not know what religion you practice.



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