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  1. PADRECITO,  el SENIOR JESUS REINARA ! I love your sermon about the CHRISTO REY feast padrecito. What I am happy SENIOR is that , you are still there in our battle – I had heard , many traditionalist priests who are no longer on this earth. They were suddenly dead. The faithfuls and religious  congregation suddenly lost leadership. WE CANNOT CHOOSE OUR LOT PADRE , I CAN ONLY HOPE FOR THE BEST. The Lord is king and mighty , it is He who calls men to a vocassion.  We can never start our Monastery with out Christ the king. OPERATION DARK WINTER WAS EVES DROP BY JOE BIDDEN DURING THE DEBATE WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP , JOHN HOPKINS UNIVERSITY  DEVELOPED THIS VIRUS IN 2001.  THE DEMOCRATS  ARE SPRAYING SMALLPOX  THRU CHEMTRAIL. THE effects , may manifest after ELECTION and the whole winter. We can only hope for CHRIST’S KINGSHIP TO CONVERT SINNERS.GRACIAS PADRE BENDICIONES. HERMANO DOMINGO ALFONSO DE SAN JOSE 

    Cesar De Dios czardedios@aol.com

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