Urgent apostolate for priests

Dear Oblates, friends, and benefactors:

We ask everyone out of love for God and for souls to commit to reciting the following prayer once a day, asking in particular that the Good Lord send us more priests and that he bless and protect those we have.

The San José monastery and also Rev. Father David Hewko both will say one Mass per month each month for the faithful who pray this prayer for priests and for vocations:

Oh Jesus, Eternal High Priest, keep Your priests in the shelter of Your Most Sacred Heart where nothing can harm them. Keep their consecrated hands immaculate, which every day touch Your Sacred Body. Keep their lips pure, which are in contact with Your Most Precious Blood every day. Keep their hearts pure, separate them from the spirit of the world. May they be firm in faith, may they progress in love and trust in You. Along with the power to consecrate bread and wine, give them also the power to change hearts. Bless their works with abundant fruit and give them, at the end of their life, the crown of eternal life. Amen.”

Oh Lord, grant us priests,

Oh Lord, grant us holy priests,

Oh Lord, grant us many holy priests,

Oh Lord, grant us many holy religious vocations, Saint Benedict, pray for us,

Saint Pius X, pray for us. “

If you commit yourself to reciting this prayer for our priests every day, then subscribe to this site benedictines.blog and contact us at the email benedictinosdesanjose@gmail.com so we can include you in the monthly Masses which shall be said the priests, for the vocations and for each one of you. Please include your name and country of origin.

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