Comunique from the Convent

Dear Families,

Ave Maria! We pray you are all well and that the peace of Our Lord, Jesus Christ reigns in your souls, despite the rapid advancement of evil all around us. 

We are writing with the hope to put all of your questions and concerns, as well as any misunderstands, to rest. More than once, we have been questioned about our “experiment” here in Colombia. We assure you that we have not deviated from our original plan, and that we have all been, from the beginning, of one mind and heart. Our experiment is to test our vocations and to draw down the blessing of God on this convent and monastery. If God wills the work, it will continue. If God does not will it, we will rejoice equally, as we seek only His will. That being said, how can we ask God to bless this work if we don’t give everything we have? We have to sign our lives over to Him as a blank check and allow Him to fill it out to the exact measure He wills from us.  Nothing less would be worthy for a God Who paid the price of our salvation with every last drop of His Precious Blood. Together, we are going forward one day at a time, waiting to see what Providence holds for us.

We have been asked when we will return to the United States. The answer to that question is the same…we will return in God’s time. Legally, we can remain here until June of next year. This is such a beautiful and quiet place for a novitiate. We hear and see God in the silence and in His creation all around us! We are all in agreement that we hope to maximize our time here so that when we return, God willing, we will have a strong foundation. Regardless of when we return, we assure you that we have never been closer to you than now, as we carry you daily in our hearts and in our prayers. It is our love for you and for souls, so dear to Jesus and Mary, that we are here.  Be assured of our continued prayers and sacrifices. 

United in prayer at the foot of the Cross,

The Benedictine Sisters of Our Lady of Solitude

Convent Our Lady of Solitude

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