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Greetings in St. Benedict!
As we enter into the holy season of Advent, our reflections turn to the mystery of Our Lord’s Incarnation. Our Lady has given us the perfect example, not only of trust in God’s Providence by her prompt and willing cooperation with His plan for the redemption of mankind, but also of the perseverance and fervor with which we must watch and pray for the deliverance of the Church of Christ from its enemies and for the salvation of souls, even as she prayed with profound humility and eager expectation for the coming of the Messiah.

In the liturgy of the first Sunday of Advent, we read: “Bestir, O Lord, Thy might and come; that, defended by Thee, we may deserve rescue from approaching dangers brought on by our sins…” The world today, in a state of general apostasy and denial of its Creator, celebrates this season with a frenzy of excitement and self-indulgence, a secularized “XMas” devoid of Christ Himself and without any thought of penance and expectation. Perhaps what man is most in need of this Advent is to be shaken to the very core so that he may see how very far he has fallen from his God, how late the hour is and, before it is too late, prepare a place in his heart for the Christ Child, the Prince of Peace, whom the world crucifies anew and would annihilate were it possible.

Almighty God placed each of us in the world during this time for a reason, having ordained it thus from all eternity. He has permitted darkness to envelop the world and chaos and a sense of hopelessness to spread without any seeming end in sight as the natural consequence of our sins and turning away from Him.

Mankind has developed a false security and has permitted itself to be lulled into a slumber, being thus carried downstream by the current of the world whose prince, the Devil, seeks to bring as many souls as possible to hell with him, knowing also how late the hour is. Sadly, it appears that even the majority of Catholics are asleep or complacent in a false sense of security. A severe account will be exacted from Bishops and priests who, rather than preaching to the faithful against the errors of Russia and Communism that are spreading rapidly throughout the world (the fulfillment of Our Lady’s warning at Fatima), against Vatican II and its new religion of man, against the use of vaccines tainted with the use of or experimentation on cells taken from massacred babies, about the lateness of the hour and the grave necessity for penance and prayer to call down the mercy of God on this sinful world, rather spend themselves in deceiving the flock of Christ and, as in the case of the SSPX and Bishop Williamson’s false resistance, actually leading souls back into the open arms of the enemies of Christ.

Little by little, as the generations of those who knew the Faith prior to Vatican II and fought valiantly against it die off, a new generation has been raised up and indoctrinated into a “hybrid religion”, led by the conciliar SSPX and false resistance, who blend tradition with the modernism and liberalism of Vatican II in order to be “all things to all Catholics”…except those who are faithful to Truth without compromise. The SSPX, now rebranded into this hybrid religion with big, beautiful buildings, schools and seminaries and all of the trappings to entice the faithful who prefer the external bells and whistles and any “Latin Mass” to the unchangeable truths of the Catholic Faith, is no longer distinguishable from the other controlled opposition “traditional” groups (FSSP, ICK, etc.) who sold Truth for privileges granted to them from the new “church” of man. One need look no further than Bishop Fellay’s doctrinal preamble of 2012 to see, in his own words, the betrayal.

In the case of the false resistance of Bishops Williamson, Faure, Aquinas, and Zendejas, and all of those priests and religious associated with them, one wonders what they are resisting and why they left the SSPX? Bishop Williamson can hardly speak these days without uttering scandalous poison pointing the faithful back to the SSPX and Novus Ordo. The bishops and clergy associated with him share his guilt by their silence amidst such deadly errors. No matter how beautiful their sermons and retreats may be, Catholics cannot mix truth with error, and the eternal salvation of souls is in the balance. We lament this terrible state of affairs. We did not ask for it, and we pray and sacrifice constantly that these clergy will renounce their errors and, once converted, will confirm their brethren.

Finally, more recently, the writings and warnings of Archbishop Viganò have begun to appear more and more frequently among traditional Catholics. For Catholics in desperate need of something hopeful to hold on to, he has become a hopeful “savior”. To this, we warn all of our friends and family to beware! While we pray and sacrifice for all of these clerics, we must never forget that Our Lord admonished us to “watch and pray”. Who is Archbishop Viganò? Has he renounced completely the Novus Ordo “church” and all false resistance groups who carry out the work of the enemy by controlled opposition? Has he recognized the new sacramental rites are doubtful at best, which would include his own episcopal consecration? The enemy is very clever; however, if we have a great love and thirst for truth, fortified by a life of prayer, Our Lord will not permit that we are deceived. We must not seek a false sense of security in human things or persons. Our hope is in almighty God alone.

This Advent, dear friends, let us remember the words of Our Lord, “watch and pray”. Let us awake from our slumber and watch vigilantly, offering our prayers and sacrifices, in union with the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Joseph in Nazareth, in order that the Prince of Peace may find a worthy dwelling in our souls this Christmas and that we may be found faithful on the day of His Coming.

In the Hearts of Jesus, Mary, and St. Joseph

Sr. Mary Magdalene of the Sorrowful Mother OSB

Community News:

On November 1, the Feast of All Saints, our community celebrated with great joy and solemnity the vestition of Sister Mary Therese of Our Lady of Ransom, OSB. Please keep her and our growing community in your prayers as she enters into her period of novitiate. May other courageous souls be encouraged by her example of generosity and self sacrifice!

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