When can confirmations be performed by a priest as extraordinary minister.

It is a very important issue. It is the right moment to address once for all this topic which has been for long time neglected. Our people need confirmation, we need to strengthen the army of Christ and make soldiers to fight these a deadly fight, the greatest in the history of the Catholic Church against the diabolical spirit of Vatican II. We hope that this brief post will answer for those lay men who might be in confusion. We know that many priests and faithful have scruples about this subject. This fight is fought at the level of principles, so this topic also must be solved at that level, regardless the feelings and opinions which many of them may have. So, it would be a enormous benefit for the fight.

According to our research, the answer to those posts from Dylan are to be answer as follow:
According to Canon Law 1917 (CIC 781-1, CIC 782-2), The Extraordinary Minister of Confirmation is every priest who be authorized by special indult coming from the Holy See, or also as a general right when it is for the salvation of souls (Salus animarum).

So, we priest can perform the confirmations in the following cases, cases which are indeed unlocked by the Pope:

1st By delegation given from a Bishop with jurisdiction.

2nd As an indult granted by the Pope.
AAS 38-349. Decree of Pius XII. Spiritus Sanctus Munera, September 14th, 1946: “The faculty is granted to the priest to administer to a person in danger of death, when the diocesan bishop is impeded to perform the confirmation, and when there is not other bishop who could replace him without grave inconvenience.”

3rd By Law as when the confirmation has to be done before a ceremony of matrimony when any of the spouses is not yet been confirmed.
CIC 1021-2 “Confirmation must be received before a marriage if there is not grave inconvenience”

4rd By the highest Law and the general right CASE by CASE for “the salvation of souls” (SALUS ANIMARUM). Situation which “unlocks” a priest ability to perform a confirmation in a specific case.
A similar case is that of Arch. Lefebvre when he did consecrated bishops back in 1988. Even if it is not exactly the same case, the point we want to stress is that in ordinary circunstances he needed permission from the Pope so as to his power to be unlocked in order to consecrate bishops. Instead however, he invoked the highest Law (Salus animarum) in order to be unlocked in his episcopal powers and then perform such as act which he called: “survival operation”.

Also we can say without a doubt that most of our faithful need Confirmation as a survival grace most needed to fight as soldiers the enemy in the greatest of dangerous circumstances which are those of today. The strength of the apostles after Pentecostes is the same strength we need to receive today in order to practice, defend, and profess our Catholic Faith.

It is a great mistake to say that confirmation is not necessary for salvation. In fact the ordinary way willed by God for us to work our salvation is by our constant sanctification, in fact, there is not salvation without sanctification. Precisely, the Sacrament of Confirmation, the fulness of the Holy Ghost and His Gifts, especially the gift of Fortitude was instituted to work out our sanctification in the mist of perils.
“All the measures have to be taken so that at least every 5 years the sacrament of confirmation must be administered to the subjects” (CIC 785-3). “It (confirmation) must be received on due time” (CIC 787).

If we priest in a specific case invoque the highest Law (Salus Animarum), then our power to confirm is “unlocked” authomaticly and it secures that the sacrement be licit and valid. More than that, even to perform that Confirmation in that case will be morally obligatory as the existing need to provide the grace for the salvation that that specific soul needs. When for whatever reason a bishop is not available or we cannot in conscience go to him so as to make soldiers for the army, the priest must step in and take it as a duty the strengthening of the flock.

A key point in the solution of this problem is the fact that this unlocked power is granted to the priest in a CASE BY CASE event, according to the given circumstances. When a priest administers confirmation in the present circumstances, he is not doing so as a permanent unlocked power. When he invoques the SALUS ANIMARUM is only when he receives an unlocked power (CASE BY CASE).

(Reviewed by 2 Resistance priests)

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