Friendship with the New-SSPX?

By Fr. Raphael, OSB (Prior, San José Monastery, Colombia)

Monsignor Lefebvre stated: It was the council and its FRUITS that caused the destruction of the Holy Mass, our Holy Faith, our catechisms and the social kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ (19 November 1989).

With this quote in mind, let us make an analogy. The Holy Catholic Church is like the Tree of Life (because It is the only source of spiritual life and salvation). The new religion of Vatican II is like a deadly disease which has progressively infected this Tree (in Its human element) ever since the council.

This conciliar disease attacks the whole Tree (in Its human element) and countless enemies labor with the conscious intent to destroy the Tree. The disease is in the Tree but it is not a product of the Tree. This is like the fact that the conciliar church infects the human element of the Catholic Church from within (like a virus does in a body). Then the infected Catholics are like “copies” of the “virus” which further spread the infection by using the Tree’s own structure (Catholic authority and the hierarchy now occupied by liberals).

The conciliar popes are most responsible for caring for the Tree of Life but instead they are working hard to further infect this Tree with the deadly disease. These popes should “spray” the Tree with “herbicide” to kill the disease, viz., clearly condemning errors and strongly resisting the Church’s enemies. These popes should also “feed” and “water” the Tree of Life (in Its human element), with Traditional Catholic doctrine and the True Sacraments. Instead, these popes prevent the Tree (in Its human element) from receiving most nutrition and hydration.

Many in the so-called “internal resistance” of the SSPX desire to “water” the Tree but their work is in vain because they fail in their duty to also fight the invading disease. This is like, when a citadel is besieged, those within the citadel fail in their duty if they merely plant gardens and feed the livestock! They must fight against the invaders, with all their might!

As our Lord’s conciliar enemies (Rome) further “infect” the Tree (in Its human element), the new-SSPX treats them as if they were fighting on our Lord’s side and approaches them in friendship without first demanding their conversion. By not resisting the disease being spread, the new-SSPX is cooperating in the destruction of the Tree and is thereby helping our Lord’s enemies. Even leaving aside the new-SSPX’s own affirmative liberalism, the new-SSPX is cooperating with the destroyers by omission.

Every SSPX priest now scandalizes the faithful by the very fact of his membership in, and cooperation with, the liberal SSPX, because his membership, assistance and cooperation indicate to the world that he condones and endorses the group and what it now stands for. This is like the scandal a person causes being a member of the Communist Party, even if he rationalizes his membership by thinking of himself as part of the Party’s “internal resistance”. Even if an SSPX priest indicates to some persons that he disagrees with certain SSPX positions, this is not enough because that SSPX priest is counted, listed and identified internationally as part of the SSPX. Therefore, the priest is regarded internationally as supporting and cooperating with the new-SSPX.

Besides the scandal caused simply by membership, the SSPX priests of the so-called “internal resistance” fail in the duty of every priest and every Catholic to completely resist the disease (modernism, ecumenism, liberalism, etc.), and use his maximum efforts to protect the whole Tree (the Common Good of the whole Church) and not merely protect his own friends or his own little parish (his own little “branch” of the Tree). Some in the so-called “internal resistance” of the SSPX do “speak out”, but they speak quietly and timidly enough so that they are tolerated by their liberal SSPX superiors.

Uncompromising Catholics must consider this as a “red light” to attending the Masses of all SSPX priests because they all cooperate with our Lord’s enemies at least by being members of the new-SSPX and also by softening their opposition to SSPX liberalism to the lower level tolerated by their SSPX superiors. Any SSPX priest who believes that he is speaking out strongly, loudly and continually against the liberalism of his SSPX superiors, is fooling himself.

Any priest who fearlessly stands against SSPX liberalism can count on our help amplifying his voice by which he opposes his superiors’ liberalism. Then he will soon no longer be in the (so-called) internal resistance because he will see how fast the iron fist of Menzingen crushes and expels him as soon as he begins to really make a difference by standing fearlessly against his superiors’ liberalism.

At that time, uncompromising Catholics will have a “green light” to attend his Masses because then he also will be an uncompromising soldier of Christ the King.

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