On the dangers of broadcast signals Enciclical “MIRANDA PRORSUS” PIUS XII

“Unless the mounting development of technical skill, applied to the diffusion of pictures, sounds and ideas, is subjected to the sweet yoke of the law of Christ (Matth., XI, 30), it can be the source of countless evils, which appear to be all the more serious, because not only material forces but also the mind are unhappily enslaved”.

“To be at the service of the truth demands not only that all refrain from error, from lies, from deceit of all kinds, but also that they shun everything that can encourage a manner of living and acting which is false, imperfect, or harmful to another party.

But above all, let the truths, handed down by God’s revelation, be held sacred and inviolable.”

“as We declared a few years ago ( Cfr. Sermo ad radiophonicae artis cultores conventum ex omnibus Nationibus participantes: d. 5 Maii, a. 1950; Discorsi e Radiomessaggi di S S. Pio XII, vol. XII, pag. 75.), that to be present at Mass portrayed by Television is not the same as being actually present at the Divine Sacrifice”

Luz Roja a la FSSPX

Respuesta a esa carta: “¡La declaración del Superior general, Padre Paglariani, del 22 de Julio no menciona al Papa ni una sola vez! La Fraternidad se encuentra atrapada. Se dejó encerrar al aceptar, sin manifestar reservas, las dádivas de Bergoglio. Ahora siente que no puede criticar a su gran “benefactor” y teme que se le … Sigue leyendo Luz Roja a la FSSPX


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